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The workshop program for FIBRES WEST 2019 will be launched in July 2018

Listed below is the workshop program of our 2017 Fibres West event.

In general, workshops are filled on a first-come first-served basis on receipt of the enrolment form and the minimum payment of the deposit. Any waiting lists for workshops are also applied on this basis. If a place becomes available in your first workshop choice, you will be moved into it. If your preferred workshop is full or cancelled, you will be offered a place in your second preference workshop, another workshop or a full refund.


Take…A garment. It may be from your wardrobe, out of date, or something found at a second-hand shop. Something about the garment appeals; the colour, texture or feel, but you would not wear it as it is. It Needs Something! In this workshop you will learn all about that very something, and much more: how to transform pre-loved garments into unique and trendy wearable art clothes. Cut off, add on, stitch, embellish, play and be creative, (eco)dye some of the garment segments and convert both the dyed and undyed pieces into one-off garments, which will be a real talking point. Additional pieces of clothes, knits, collected fabrics, embellishments, bits of lace and doyleys can also be added – the sky is the transformation limit. Expect to finish at least one piece or start several and finish them at home – inspiration for future projects is guaranteed! Suitable for all levels of experience; basic sewing skills (machine and hand) are required for this workshop. Material fee $10


This workshop will help students to find their own living language through the creation of a vibrant notebook practice. The main objective of this workshop is to support you in establishing a vibrant, tactile, notebook practice that is meaningful and rewarding. You will use your notebook as a reflective space and mobile studio in which you document and give expression to your daily experiences. Motivated by ‘haptic’ considerations, we will use all of our senses to stimulate and awaken perception, guide the making process, and enhance the way you communicate both visually and verbally. Throughout the workshop, we will create tactile pages, playing with materials, techniques, and words to make concrete the vital elements of our sensory experience. Each day there will be a notebook sharing, a period for writing, an introduction to the day’s topic, and a hands-on workshop. Material fee $25(max)


Experimentation is essential in collage, and the handling of materials – the cutting, tearing, folding, stacking, and the attaching bits and pieces into a whole – reinforces the importance of the process. A process that seems very familiar to the making of quilts. In this workshop we will work with both paper and fabric and the integration of these materials. Through a variety of exercises, we will explore visual and physical layering to express personal content. We will also deal with collage in an art historical context and explore the concept of recycling, artistic control, perception and the ‘art of taking away’ and discuss what makes a series work. Suitable for all levels. Material fee $15

Discover how to create installations with the aim to develop concepts, explore various materials and techniques that are suited or appropriate to reflect ideas relating to site, or theme specific installations and artworks. This dynamic workshop combines sculptural techniques with dyeing and staining with various materials including rust staining, eucalyptus resins on muslin, printmaking using clay embossing and simple mould making and plaster casting techniques to create multiples. You will be encouraged to express and develop your own ideas to create wonderful 2D and 3D structures, multiples and collages. We’ll explore the endless possibilities of materials and surface finishes as well as how to shape, bind, glue, stitch, rivet, solder or wire them together. No previous experience is needed – only your enthusiasm to explore! Material fee $60


Paper's role in and as textile art is often underrated and assumed to be flat and docile. In this class, handmade paper takes centre stage as it is sliced, spun, crumpled, and woven in an evolution of the ancient arts of jiseung (paper weaving) and joomchi (paper texturing and fusing). These manipulated pieces can become pages of artists' books, fabric for art garments, printing elements, and artwork ready to hang. Students will also work with paper mulberry bast fibre to make bark lace and thread, techniques used in Korea in the past and present. To provide the deepest and most instructive insight, a small papermaking station will be set up so that students can learn the basics of Asian papermaking, which can be modified for home studio practice. Everyone will leave with samples and new skill sets in the possibilities of paper and its prototypes that mimic textiles. Material fee $80


A workshop of exploration, creativity and construction! The materials we use for creative expression can be found – literally – at our feet. Join noted found-object artist Keith Lo Bue on an energetic exploration of unusual and unexpected materials in jewelry and object making. Through hands-on projects and thought- provoking instruction, students will learn the varied methods of selection and assembly this limitless palette demands. No previous metalworking experience is required; all that’s needed is enthusiasm and the desire to work with your hands. Whatever your present focus, you will come away with new insights into the possibilities of your surroundings. Material fee $20


Imagine felted geometric forms that ingeniously emerge from a flat surface during the felting process; into a relief of repeating, 3-D spatial structures. Felt Foldings is that technique; a relatively thin felt that has amazing resilience and stability of form, and all manner of multi-dimensional applications. Think jewellery, shawls, collars, headwear, wearable art or sculptural felt; based on the exploration of a single design principle using a variety of materials. This exciting workshop presents the fundamentals of Felt Foldings, its special features and various applications. You will learn the techniques and structures through a series of samples followed by a choice of projects in the area of applied art (such as scarves or jewellery) or something purely aesthetic, involving more complex foldings and methods. Experience with felting is required, the ability to have fun with constructive projects is helpful, but mathematical understanding is not necessary! Material fee $25


In this workshop, participants are encouraged to draw on their personal significance of and connection to place. What does ‘place&’ mean? How do we respond to it? And how might this be expressed in creative ways? In this process-based class, we will explore a variety of approaches to making, and discover what can be created from minimal materials and equipment. Time spent in and with the landscape offers opportunities to be mindful, resourceful, and imaginative, in ways beyond an outcome driven creation. ‘Making do’, sampling, and self-reliant ways of making are coupled with gathering, sitting, listening, experimenting, writing and walking. The ‘work’ of art in this context will encourage participants to consider possibilities from small scale works to larger, 3D, installations, ephemeral or enduring works. Responding to place and the self is central to this workshop, as is the joy of making, the essence of materials and the expansion of your creative expression. Material fee $15


The Coat’s versatility in relationship to length, shape and concept allows for a realistic, yet highly creative investigation of textile art in practical and wearable form. In this class, we will apply the concept of a ‘narrative coat’ to explore and combine numerous fibre techniques. Original patterns, graded in size are provided, and adapted easily to individual interests and requirements.  Working to a personal theme, story, poem, colour, shape or concepts, you will develop your art through narrative applications and visual storytelling, and extend your sewing ‘vocabulary’ and skills. The workshop is especially useful for those with an interest or undertaking a major project in Wearable Art; we will experiment and explore the many varied design options and their potential, while developing technical and problem-solving skills. Technique and construction are paramount, with research also part of the design process. Suitable for all levels; being able to use a basic sewing machine is required. Material fee $10


In this workshop, we will explore stitching as a drawing technique. Using our sewing to create lines and dynamic textures, we will focus on constructing stitched and mixed media surfaces using machine embroidery and water soluble stabilizer in a variety of ways. Alongside threads, we will experiment with combining an assortment of materials like plastics, papers, and yarns to create a variety of samples exploring different texture and colour combinations where stitch holds the work together. You will be encouraged to express and grow your own ideas to create one of a kind stitched 3D sculptures, wall works or wearable art pieces depending on your interest. No experience is necessary but basic sewing machine operation skills will be helpful. Material fee $35