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Jan Mullen (WA)

Jan Mullen’s life has mostly been filled with self-directed learning, with a strong interest in process and creating – on her own terms. She is best known for past work in the Quilting Industry – writing books and patterns, designing fabrics and teaching worldwide. She has worked with manufacturers, publishers, retailers, wholesalers, designers, businesses – big and small, and partnered in many creative projects. As a result, she has experience with many aspects of creativity and, most importantly, of setting and achieving, goals that scare her. Travelling and working abroad for many years ultimately gifted her a strong desire to work within her local community. To connect, to aid worthwhile causes, and to empower all concerned. Of late the necessary and scary decision to concentrate on her own art practice, within yet another self-prescribed course of learning, has fuelled her desire to encourage other creatives along their chosen paths.